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AUSTIN, Texas. Distracted driving has been frequently reported as a major cause of car accidents and deaths. We often hear about the dangers of texting and driving, but recent reports indicate that people might be using their phones behind the wheel to perform far more dangerous acts. According to QZ, researchers have found that at least 259 people have died while taking selfies. How are people dying?

According to QZ, the most common cause of death associated with selfies is when people drown while trying to take photos by the sea. But other causes involve traffic accidents that occur when people pose for selfies inside moving vehicles or by roads with traffic. In fact, distracted walking and cell phone use posed such a risk to pedestrians in Honolulu, that the city put in place a distracted walking law. The message to tourists: stop trying to take photos of yourself while crossing the street. Other causes of selfie deaths include falling and accidental shootings when people pose for a selfie with their guns. Younger people are disproportionally at risk of selfie injury and death, as are young males. The increasing numbers of selfie injuries and death has even motivated one research paper to recommend that parks and landmarks set up “no selfie zones” in areas known to be dangerous.

How can you take a safer selfie? The BBC recently reported on Russia’s safe selfie campaign. Some of the scenarios mentioned by the campaign included warnings about the risk of posing in front of moving trains and posing in front of dangerous or wild animals. At the end of the day, safe selfie practice should be a matter of common sense. Don’t get too close to a cliff edge, stay away from the road, and whatever you do, don’t take selfies while driving.

When it comes to American selfie-takers, the biggest risk involves selfies taken inside moving vehicles or while driving. This may sound like an egregious violation of distracted driving laws, but people take selfies behind the wheel and the practice is exceedingly dangerous.

If you or a loved one has been hurt in a crash involving a distracted driver, one of the frustrating aspects of pursuing a claim is that often it can be difficult to find evidence that the other driver might have been distracted behind the wheel. Fortunately, when drivers take selfies and later get into accidents, they often leave a trail of evidence of their reckless driving behavior.

If you have been hurt in a crash, you need a qualified lawyer who can investigate your claim and determine whether evidence exists that could show the other driver’s risky driving behavior. The Robson Law Firm are Austin, Texas personal injury lawyers who work closely with victims and families to help them get the justice they may deserve under the law. Visit us at https://robsonlawfirm.com/ to learn more about your options and rights.

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