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AUSTIN, Texas. 2.7 million trucks and SUVs made by General Motors are under investigation for braking issues, according to Consumer Reports. The report indicates that some General Motors brakes may begin to fail over time, increasing these vehicles’ risk for crashes. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration notes that it is looking into nine crashes that may be linked to the brake issues. According to Consumer Reports, a vacuum pump that assists braking in these vehicles may be less effective over time. While the NHTSA has not yet issued a recall, it may do so after further investigation if safety issues prove to be a concern.

Experts have been looking closely into the additional injury risk that SUVs pose to passengers and other vehicles on the road. The larger profile of an SUV means that it can potentially cause more damage to other smaller vehicles in the event of a collision. While more recent SUV models have lower rollover risks than earlier models, drivers of older SUVs that date back before 2012 should take added precautions. According to NBC News, anti-rollover technology became mandatory in 2012. NBC News reports that one third of vehicle-related deaths are due to rollovers. Another risk factor that SUVs carry is their longer stopping distance. Even when an SUV’s brakes are working as they should, SUVs need more space to stop on account of their larger size.

Rollovers and SUV crashes can be incredibly deadly accidents and can lead to serious injuries. How can you prevent a vehicle rollover crash if you drive an SUV? Here are some things to consider:

  • Avoid making sudden turns or swerves in an SUV. Sudden turns and swerves can destabilize your SUV and potentially lead to a vehicle rollover.
  • Drive at or below the speed limit. The slower you are traveling, the less likely you are to suffer a vehicle rollover if you need to overcorrect or avoid an obstacle on the road. Follow the posted speed limits, especially in corridors where there are known to be animals.
  • Drive slowly in snowy or rainy conditions. Having a 4-wheel drive vehicle doesn’t mean you can power through poor weather. In fact, 4-wheel drive vehicles may need more space to stop.
  • Don’t tailgate. Because you are riding in an SUV, you’ll need more time and space to stop. Give the vehicle ahead of you space.

Some drivers feel safer in SUVs because of their size and height. Active individuals love them because they can carry their gear and families like that they give everyone room to spread out. However, driving an SUV carries with it an added responsibility, on account of the vehicles’ larger size. If you or a loved one has been hurt in a car accident in Austin, Texas, consider reaching out to the Robson Law Firm, a personal injury lawyer near you. Our firm can review the details of your accident and may be able to help you seek compensation for your medical bills, lost wages, and pain and suffering damages.

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