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An Aggressive Wrongful Death Attorney for Survivors in the State of Texas

The premature loss of a loved one is a tragedy that nothing can prepare us for. This sense of loss is even worse when survivors know that such a loss was due not to chance or an act of God but to the misconduct or negligence of another person. At Robson Law Firm, our mission is to fight for you and your family and give a voice to those who have lost their lives. The emotional impact of a premature death is devastating. It can also be accompanied by financial stress from the loss of income and support that your loved one provided. Taking aggressive legal action following a death can help to provide the closure and justice you seek. Those who are responsible have not only robbed you of a future with someone you love, they must also be held accountable to ensure that someone else doesn’t suffer a similar fate.

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We know that the last thing you need right now is the frustration of facing a legal action alone. We take on large corporations and insurance companies that might seek to minimize your loss. Our job is to protect you, provide answers to any questions you may have and shield you from further pain. There are no words to describe the death of someone we depend on for companionship, love and support. The law, however, does give us the opportunity to work towards recovery. Contact our office and let us begin working for you.

Help with Financial Survival following a Tragic Loss

Texas law allows family members to file a so-called survival claim in the aftermath of a premature death, as well as filing a wrongful death lawsuit. Survival claims allow spouses, parents, or children of a deceased individual to file personal injury suits on behalf of the deceased individual and recover compensation above and beyond what is available to survivors through asserting wrongful death claims. These can be used to pay for medical bills or other expenses related to a death that are generally not addressed by damages granted in wrongful death suits. Contact us today to make an appointment with a knowledgeable wrongful death attorney and find out what legal options you have for pursuing financial justice in the aftermath of an unexpected loss.

We know nothing can undo the past, but there is a lot we can do for our clients when it comes to making the future more tolerable. Call a skilled Texas wrongful death lawyer today to get started.

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