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    Austin Personal Injury Lawyers and Law Firm

    Suffering an injury can change your life in an instant. Although we weren't around to prevent your accident, we are here to prevent the injustice of large insurance companies or big businesses making matters worse by denying you the compensation and care that you deserve. The legal system can be complex and these entities are experts at making you feel overwhelmed and frustrated in an effort to have you give up on their terms. At Robson Law Firm, our team of accident lawyer Austin has 19 years of experience representing plaintiffs, combined with past experience as an insurance defense lawyer. By working with us, you're able to gain valuable insight into the inner-workings of the insurance companies in order to maximize recovery. We simplify the process for you, without the legal mumbo jumbo and red tape. Just plain English and clear choices with a singular focus: RESULTS Get Help With Your Case »

    Focused on Success

    Other law firms may spread their knowledge across a range of practice areas. We concentrate completely on accident cases because we think our clients deserve the best possible representation to help them during the trauma and financial hardship a serious injury brings. Our clients are more than a case number, they are people in need. We never forget that fact. They include people injured in car accidents, truck accidents, slip and fall or dangerous premises, dangerous or defective products, those harmed by physician negligence and medical malpractice, workplace accidents, DWI-related accidents, and the families of those killed in wrongful death matters. If you have been injured, trust an experienced Austin Personal Injury Lawyer with your case. Take action and contact us today.

    Drunk Driver Accidents

    When a driver is under the influence of alcohol, they are putting everyone else on the road at risk. These drivers are negligent and the result of their criminal behavior is often serious injury to others by casing accidents. If you or a loved one have been injured by a drunk driver, call our office immediately and speak to an experienced DUI accident lawyer. We fight aggressively for those who have been victimized by this irresponsible behavior. Learn More »

    The "Dram Shop" Act & Third Party Liability

    With an alarmingly high rate of fatalities as a result of drunk driving accidents, Texas enacted the “Dram Shop Act” to hold the bars and establishments negligent and partially responsible for serving the drunk driver, in some cases. We can help you to establish if this kind of third party liability applies to your drunk driving related accident. The laws surrounding Dram Shop Liability can be complex. Rely on our experience for a clearer understanding. Learn More »

    Our Services

    At Robson Law Firm, all of our work is done on a contingency basis. This simply means that you pay no fees for our services unless we win your case and you collect compensation. Our mission is to make life easier so that you can concentrate on healing.

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    Austin Personal Injury Lawyers


    Why choose Robson Law Firm? See what our clients are saying below or view all of our reviews on the Testimonials page.

    • 5
      When I had a motorcycle accident, I was severely injured and could not explain to the police officer what happened, so the police officer listed me as at fault. This led the insurance company to deny my claim, leaving me with horrific injuries, unable to work, and with no way to get the medical care I needed. Fortunately, the Robson Law Firm believed me when I told them I was not at fault. They conducted their own investigation and even hired expensive engineering experts to prove that the accident truly wasn’t my fault. My attorneys also got me expensive medical care to help me recover from my injuries and get my life back in order. The Robson Law Firm got the insurance company to accept responsibility for the claim and offer me $1 million dollars at mediation. My attorneys thought I could do better and they were right. A few months later, they convinced the insurance company to pay me $1.2 million! Thank you for everything.
      Terry Brewer
    • 5
      My name is Joel Rodriguez. I was in a car accident and had neck and back injuries. My car was totaled and none of this was my fault. I was referred to Chris Robson at the Robson Law Firm. Once I spoke to Chris, he personally came to my home the next day and informed me of how he could help me get into a new car, have my injuries taken care of, and even compensate me for my pain and suffering. Chris and his team handled all the paperwork, got me my doctor appointments and negotiated with the insurance company. I never had to deal with anybody but Chris and his team. Despite the insurance company being difficult, Chris and his team handled every incident in a professional manner. Chris was so helpful through the whole process and kept in contact with me day in and day out. He took care of all my problems. For that, I thank him and his team. If I ever get injured again, I’m calling the Robson Law Firm.
      Joel Rodriguez
    • 5
      I was in a car accident where I was a passenger in a vehicle. A big truck came out of park and rear ended the vehicle I was in. Thanks to Chris Robson and his team I was able to recover from a serious back injury and a lot of pain that came after the accident. Additionally, he was able to work with the doctors to narrow down my medical bills to something I could live with. This all happened fairly quickly and his team was able to settle my claim within a very short time so I could move on with my life. I would highly recommend the Robson Law Firm to my friends and anyone else who wants a speedy recovery and a good settlement.
      Bradley Rudkin
    • 5
      When I was injured in a construction site accident, I hired a law firm that promised me great results. However, when the at-fault party’s insurance company denied my claim, my lawyer dropped my case without putting up a fight. Fortunately, I learned of the Robson Law Firm and decided to give it another try with them. Although the insurance tried to deny my claim again, the Robson Law Firm fought for my rights and were able to get me a $137,500.00 settlement without ever having to go to court. Thank you for not giving up on my case like the other law firm did.
      Corey Swinburn
    • 5
      Dear Chris and his most Excellent Staff: A belated Happy New Year and a much more belated, but very heartfelt, thank you for your exceptional representation of my accident case against Allstate Insurance and USAA Insurance. Both outcomes were far more favorable than I had any hope of achieving. You, Ali and Eloise made a superb team on my behalf and I have every confidence in recommending you to anyone who has need of your services. It occurs to me that personal injury may extend beyond vehicular accident cases, so, if in the future, you receive a call out of the ordinary don’t be surprised. It’s because I have absolute confidence in you. You, of course, are your best representative. Enjoy the cookies! And again, thanks for your help.
      Julie Carterson
    • 5
      I want to thank you again for your efforts and results regarding a recent client referral. As you know, most attorneys practice in certain areas of the law, and it is wise to retain an attorney that practices the area of law that matches a client’s needs. My practice covers a wide variety of civil and administrative law, including litigation, but I do not focus on personal injury law. Accordingly, when my friends and client’s sustain bodily injuries, I have been confident in referring them to Chris Robson at Robson Law Firm because bodily injury is all that they do. It is a very aggressive law firm that fights hard to maximize their client’s recovery. The last client I referred to Chris Robson received a $500,000.00 settlement! Keep up the good work.
      Stephen J. Moss
      Attorney and Counselor at Law – Mediator
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