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Suffering an injury can change your life in an instant. Although we weren't around to prevent your accident, we are here to prevent the injustice of large insurance companies or big businesses making matters worse by denying you the compensation and care that you deserve. The legal system can be complex and these entities are experts at making you feel overwhelmed and frustrated in an effort to have you give up on their terms. At Robson Law Firm, our team of accident lawyer Austin has 19 years of experience representing plaintiffs, combined with past experience as an insurance defense lawyer. By working with us, you're able to gain valuable insight into the inner-workings of the insurance companies in order to maximize recovery. We simplify the process for you, without the legal mumbo jumbo and red tape. Just plain English and clear choices with a singular focus: RESULTS Get Help With Your Case »

Focused on Success

Other law firms may spread their knowledge across a range of practice areas. We concentrate completely on accident cases because we think our clients deserve the best possible representation to help them during the trauma and financial hardship a serious injury brings. Our clients are more than a case number, they are people in need. We never forget that fact. They include people injured in car accidentstruck accidents, slip and fall or dangerous premises, dangerous or defective products, those harmed by physician negligence and medical malpractice, workplace accidents, DWI-related accidents, and the families of those killed in wrongful death matters. If you have been injured, trust a focused accident lawyer in Austin, TX with your case. Take action and contact us today.